My passion is to help You get the best things in life

I want to meet You who:

  • needs help to sort out where to work, and what to work with
  • needs help to figure out you inner passion in life
  • needs help to prepare a meeting with your Manager
  • needs help to find your strength after beeing on shorter or longer sick leave


Life- and Career guidance

What thoughts do you have about your future? Perhaps you do not know how to proceed, but you feel that you need some sort of development (private or in your  working life)?

Have you recently returned or are you on your way back to work after a period of absence (for example, parental leave, study leave or sick leave)?

Then this may be something for you! People think about the future more or less often, but actually doing something to make dreams and ideas come true is sometimes a little harder.

Help to get rehabilitated

I am an experienced Coach, specialised in Health and rehabilitation. I will help you get back on track, and will help you find the best place for you. 

Need a new job?

When you know it is time to get some change, but you dont know exactely how - you contact me.